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Mark Ruffalo accidentally livestreamed a top-secret movie premiere. Oooops.

Mark Ruffalo accidentally livestreamed a top-secret movie premiere. Oooops.


Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok won't be in theaters until November 2, but on Tuesday night, Mark Ruffalo's Instagram followers were treated to an exclusive sneak peek–accidentally.

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, while attending the Thor: Ragnarok premiere in Los Angeles, Mark Ruffalo accidentally left an Instagram Live recording when he put his phone in his pocket, just before the film started. He didn't realize the premiere was being livestreamed from his phone until 15 minutes into the movie–and the reported 2,500ish people who tuned in got to hear the first 15 minutes of the unreleased flick. Ooooops.

To make funny matters more serious, the audience members at the premiere were supposed to turn off their phones and seal them in special security pouches, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Ruffalo, who stars in the film as Bruce Banner a.k.a. the Hulk, evidently did not follow that rule. Oh dear.

Many people who caught the accidental livestream tweeted about it–and a bunch of them expressed their fear that Ruffalo would get in trouble with Marvel, especially considering this was not his first time accidentally leaking info about Thor: Ragnarok.

Honestly, the panicked tone of some of these tweets is pretty hilarious.



Here's hoping the producers don't get too Hulk on Mark Ruffalo when they find out about this.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter
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