Martha Stewart has smoked weed with Snoop Dogg, spent time in jail, and killed at Justin Bieber's roast.* In short, she's cooler than Drew Barrymore and knows it. And M-Stew let everybody else know it, too, during a recent cooking segment on Ellen where Drew joined Ellen and Martha in the kitchen for reasons that are not entirely clear during this clip. 

Over the course of the segment, Martha repeatedly pulls the most high-status of high-status moves: straight-up ignoring Drew. It gets so awkward that Ellen tries to intervene in the same tone of voice that a pre-school teacher might use to suggest that kids need to start sharing blocks. This finally gets Martha to actually say something nice-but-dismissive about Drew's work: "Oh, she's doing a beautiful job," and Drew can't hide her shock. But, to be fair, Drew might've also been drunk by that point. Actually, everyone might've been drunk by that point.

Sources: h/t Dlisted