WTF, Ma-Stew?

Saying Martha Stewart has ice in her veins is about as new and original as saying Andrew Dice Clay had some issues with women, but she mowed down everyone in the room at Justin Bieber's roast with about as much emotion as Agent Smith from The Matrix. Not only did she toss out racially-tinged jokes to the men with her onstage without flinching or seeming to even care whether people would object—a move that probably would have gotten them a nice handwritten note telling them to stop being a little bitch—she flat-out claimed to have stabbed Shaq's "bull-dyke" mom. Oh, right, and that hilarious joke about all of Snoop's friends dying. I did not see this coming. I'd say it was super offensive, but a.) it's a Roast, and b.) I'm afraid of this woman.

Sources: Comedy Central