Last night, singer and badass Katy Perry reacted to the election results like so many women who are terrified about what a Hillary Clinton loss could mean, and tweeted that she was crying her eyes out.

Cue AIDS-meds-gouging, Kurt Cobain-legacy-witholding, Martin "Pharma-Clown" Shkreli, offering up his greasy shoulder for Perry's falsies to fall on.

Ewwwww. Time and place, Shkreli. The time for you to hit on Katy Perry is never. And the place for you to hit on Katy Perry is nowhere. She doesn't need you. Sit your butt down and go back to begging your exes to let you give them oral for $10K.

Fortunately, singer British singer Lily Allen reached across the Atlantic to smack him in his smirking cheeks

Get him.