Remember the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen intern scandal of 2015? I barely do either, but ET reports that they've finally settled with all the interns who claim the Olsen twins never paid them, or paid them less than minimum wage.

When the claim was initially made in 2015, 40 past and present interns stepped forward to sue the Olsen's Dualstar Entertainment Group, which backs their fashion lines, in a class action lawsuit in New York Supreme Court. Since then, the number of interns who are eligible for the payout has increased to 185, and the settlement that was reached today requires the Olsens pay up to $140,000. Maybe that sounds like a lot to you, maybe it doesn't. But that sum means that Dualstar is required to pay each intern who claims and qualifies for compensation just $530, according to a preliminary document that was released last week.


Considering that most of these interns probably worked for the Olsens' company for weeks or months, it really doesn't seem like a big payout. One former intern who was a lead plaintiff in the case against the company said in court documents that she was working 50 hours per week doing "the work of three interns" and that she was talking with her boss "all day, all night."

I would love to see a list of what these interns buy with the $530 checks they'll be receiving now that they're two years older, smarter and wiser—and hopefully not taking unpaid internships anymore. I hope they do something more fun with it than buy overpriced mod-looking furniture from West Elm.

Sources: ET