Like any good celebrity father should, Matt LeBlanc, of Friends and Top Gear fame, brought his daughter to a Taylor Swift concert last year. And, being famous and all, he was able to take her backstage at the Los Angeles Staples Center to meet the terrifying platinum (that refers to both her hair and her record sales) pop mega-star. What LeBlanc probably didn't expect was that Swift would ask him to come out on stage.

He told the story last night on Conan, explaining that his daughter and Chris Rock's two daughters both got to meet Swift before she approached the two actors to ask a favor. And it's when Taylor Swift asks you for a favor that you need to be afraid. Because no one betrays Taylor Swift and gets off scot-free.


Swift explained that during her show she was going to introduce the "number one male model in the world" who is featured in one of her videos, and thought it would be "funny" to then have LeBlanc and Rock come out as the "number two and number three male models in the world." The joke being: Taylor thinks it's humorous that these two dads are clearly not models.

Surely fearing the chart-topping revenge hit that would result if they declined, LeBlanc and Rock agreed to the bit and strutted down the catwalk with as much enthusiasm as they could muster for two dads completely unprepared for a stage appearance.


And if that wasn't embarrassing enough, when LeBlanc asked his daughter what she thought of his stage appearance the next day, hoping for some cool dad points, she told him she thought his walk was "cheesy." Man, teen girls are ruthless.

Watch the clip to hear the full story here:

Sources: Conan