Actress Megan Fox has revealed the first photo of her two-month-old baby, her third son with actor Brian Austin Green. It's a striking photo, and those matching pairs of piercing green eyes will stare right into the very depths of your soul. So be prepared to feel seen.

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Don't say I didn't warn you.

Also striking is the baby's name: Journey River Green, which sounds like the title of a country song. He was born in August and, no pressure kid, but you may have saved your parents' marriage.


Fox previously filed for divorce from Green in August 2015 after five years of marriage, but sources told Us Weekly that she reconsidered things when she became pregnant with Journey. “[She’s] changing her mind a little bit,” a source told Us back in April. “Megan was the one that wanted the divorce, and Brian has done everything to try to convince her otherwise.” Another source said: “They are still figuring things out.”

Good luck to little Journey on this big journey we call life. As they say in a country song that I made up, 🎶 life is a journey river, green 🎶

Sources: US Weekly