Mel Gibson showed up on The Late Show Tuesday night to promote his new movie by lying on a blanket and "asking the big questions" with Stephen Colbert. Obviously, one of the biggest questions is how he can reconcile that whole "sexist and anti-Semitic tirade at a police officer" thing with a fun appearance on a late night talk show.

Colbert cuts to the clip with Gibson, and the camera zooms out a little to reveal the director. The crowd gives their requisite "woop" when they see him, only it's little delayed. It's like someone held up an applause sign and the audience gave a collective "pass." Then the stagehand pointed to it again like, "No, seriously, you have to applaud."


"When you look back on your life, do you think you'll have any regrets?" asks Colbert, giving Gibson an easy opportunity to repent. "No. Not one," says Gibson to laughs. "They tend to come in clusters."

Colbert then cues him up again, "If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?"

"Oh god, well, don't be so caught up in the little things, take advantage of all the gifts the world has to offer and live every day to the fullest. And I'd also tell myself, my younger self, to shut the fuck up."


Not "don't be ignorant and racist," just "don't talk about it."

To feel the greatest disconnect between the cuddly Gibson on Colbert and the one you've known for years, I'll recommend reading Gawker's list of "terrible things Mel Gibson has said on the record" before you watch it.