Miley Cyrus talked to PAPER Magazine about her Happy Hippie Foundation, which raises awareness and funds for homeless youth and at-risk LGBTQ teens. It just took me a while to actually get the words into my brain.

This is the only SFW picture in the article. And that's assuming a pretty cool workplace.
(via PAPER Magazine)

PAPER Magazine is fast becoming the place to see celebrities completely naked without being complicit in a massive privacy crime. In the case of Kim Kardashian, it was an explicit attempt to "Break The Internet." Miley Cryus, however, was being interviewed for the magazine's "Use Your Voice" edition (she is also on the cover) about her work with the Happy Hippie Foundation, which we've written about before. So, while there was no real need for Cyrus to be stark naked, save for some streaks of bright paint, in front of sets that look like Jaden Smith directed a Robert Palmer video, there's also not a reason for her not to be. It is, after all, kind of her thing.

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