Parenting a defiant teen can be rough, so when one mom's 13-year-old daughter refused to come home when she was supposed to, her mom got sweet, sweet "revenge" by wearing embarrassing pajamas to come pick her up.

A Mumsnet user posted a story to the forum saying she'd had a stressful week at work, with her husband, and with helping her youngest daughter finish an art project, and explained that her 13-year-old daughter decided to go out with friends.

She continued:

Fine, I went to put washing away and found all the clean washing I put up previously dumped on the floor so was slightly cross - raging mad - when she text to say not coming home at agreed time so I should come and fetch her two hours later.


Uh-oh. You can just see that mom rage bubbling to the surface. But wait, it gets worse.

"I tried to call repeatedly and got diverted. I text asking her to call and explaining this wasn't acceptable," the mom explained. "She text back I was being unfair and she wasn't leaving till she was ready."


Rookie mistake. This 13-year-old will soon discover that hell hath no fury like a mother ignored.

So what did this mom do? She put on her most embarrassing pajamas, and went out to find her daughter.

"I decided to go fetch her there and then, in my fetching teddy bear pyjamas and zebra dressing gown," she revealed. "I walked around town till I found her - and to say she was mortified was an understatement. I don't think I'll even need to ground her."

Moms: 1, angsty teens: 0.