Before you take another hit from your 4/20 bong, here's another ridiculous national holiday that will trip you out even more. This Wednesday is National Look Alike Day and folks are taking to Instagram to show the world just how famous-looking their faces are. So if you're scrolling through your feed and seeing double people, don't freak out. It's probably just ordinary people who happen to have celebrity doppelgangers

1. This Taylor Swift look alike made the wiser choice to not dye her hair platinum blonde.


2. Seriously, where are they making these T-Swizzle clones?

#nationallookalikeday #taylorswiftlookalike #taylurking 👯

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3. Isn't she lovely this non-Hollywood girl?

#nationallookalikeday @britneyspears I've also been told #Helenhunt

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4. This lady's red top looks exactly like Kelly Rowland's.


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5. Hey girl, I am not Ryan Gosling, but I am trouble.

😂😂 #nationallookalikeday #ryangosling

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6. Not Adam Driver, but probably his driver.

7. In case you didn't know who Martin Lawrence was, this man added a title banner so you can remember.

#nationallookalikeday #joeclair #joeclairmorningshow #martinlawrence

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8. "It would be nice if my bank account looked like hers." 

9. Stay classy Mr. Fake Ron Burgundy.


10. Who knew Cameron Diaz was also a Fox news reporter?

11. And who knew this famous news reporter had a long lost twin who is also a reporter?