Ah, love. Nick Lachey proved just how perfect a husband he is when he dug through actual garbage just to find his wife’s wedding ring.

Nick clearly knows how to make his wife happy. Nick and his wife, Vanessa Lachey, have been together since 2011 and have three children together. While Nick has been a great partner, this clearly shows he’s earned husband of the year status.

When Vanessa’s wedding ring went missing, Nick literally dug deep – in the trash – to find it. With young kids in the house, that meant wading through dirty diapers in hopes of finding the missing ring!


Thankfully, his digging in the dirty garbage totally paid off, as he found Vanessa’s missing ring. Nick took to Instagram to explain: “This is true love after 6 years of marriage...digging through dirty diapers and trash to find your wife’s missing wedding ring!! #success.”


We’re sure he’s thankful that it ended in success because the thought of wading through the garbage and coming up empty would certainly be seriously disappointing.

With that little search and rescue mission behind him, Nick was free to make a little joke about his past life in a boy band. He posted a pic of the car temperature and, at first glance, maybe you missed it – but it’s 98 degrees!

Yep, I did it...... #shameless

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