O.J. Simpson will be a free man.

On Thursday afternoon, O.J. Simpson stood before a Nevada parole board after nearly nine years in state prison. The 70-year-old was not, obviously, requesting parole for his role in the killings of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson—although the internet has often used it as a referendum on that crime.

Rather, the charges stemmed from a 2008 "kidnapping and robbery" in a Las Vegas hotel, according to the New York Times. This was his first opportunity to leave prison, nine years after his conviction and sentencing to "nine to 33 years in prison."


A unanimous verdict was required by the four-member parole panel at the hearing to release O.J. from prison. If they could not decide, then two other commissioners would weigh in—and a decision would be made on a simple majority. A three-to-three split would have resulted in a new hearing in six months, according to CNN.

The parole board ended up voting 4-0 after deliberating for less than an hour.

The verdict did not come as a surprise, as O.J. Simpson has been considered a "model prisoner" over nearly the last decade. Nonetheless, it was difficult for Americans—and the world—to watch Simpson's parole without making a connection to his famous double murder trial in 1994.


During the parole hearing on Thursday, Simpson said, "I've basically spent a conflict-free life."

The commenters on the ABC News live stream were extremely unimpressed by Simpson's performance during his hearing, citing his inability to take responsibility for the crimes that resulted in his nine- to 33-year sentence, and his rambling, "relitigating" defense.

The hearing began awkwardly as well, with the chairman accidentally referring to the 70-year-old Simpson as a 90-year-old.


"I feel like it," he said.

The earliest Simpson will be released from prison is on October 1st.