During a recent interview with Vulture, Orphan Black star Jordan Gavaris weighed in on how social media and politics plays a part in the entertainment industry...and he dropped one name in his rant: Bella Thorne.

To be fair, Jordan was using Bella as just an example and further clarified that he has no beef with her in particular.

Jordan was discussing how choices are made with film and TV roles, commenting: “there’s this pressure that a lot of studios face now to hire names. I mean, movies are the worst, because the movie business is failing terribly and they think they have some amazing model that’s going to fix it all, and it all involves hiring a girl with 2 million Instagram followers. Hasn’t worked yet. And then in television it’s the same thing. Parts are offered to these YouTube sensations.”


The actor later added: “So that is how the freelance paradigm is affecting actors and content creators, where then you have other actors who spend years toiling on working their craft and perfecting what it is they do, and they’re losing jobs to people like that guy, or to people like Bella Thorne, or whatever.”

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Jordan clarified, “I sound like such an asshole because I’m sure they’re nice people and I’m sure they’re very talented, but I wouldn’t put money on them if I was in a position of power.”


He added: “I would never invest in those people. There’s not enough there. Not to say Bella Thorne couldn’t be a fantastic actress or that she’s not tremendously talented, but there’s not been enough investigation. There’s not enough of a commitment.”

Bella has yet to respond about the comment.