Tinkerbell was seen in her day as a symbol of entitlement, "celebutante" privilege, and the decline of American morals. All that seems so quaint now.

In honor & memory of Tinkerbell I'm dedicating my Instagram page to her today. I hope you enjoy the memories of my sweet angel We've been through so much together. She lived a long, beautiful, luxurious & exciting life. #RIPTinkerbell
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Tinkerbell Hilton, 14, passed away in California yesterday of old age. Star of The Simple Life and scene-stealer of a million paparazzi shots, the shivering, yipping, and (according to rumors) occasionally NBC producer-nipping Chihuahua ushered in an age of couture handbag dogs.

Tinkerbell hosting Saturday Night Live & #Killingit in the opening monologue. #LikeABoss #SNL #RIPTinkerbell

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