You know that we here at Someecards are dedicated to bringing you the stories that most directly affect your daily lives, so it is with grave seriousness that we must inform you that Paris Jackson has dyed her hair from blonde to brown.


Just kidding. Paris Jackson's hair *probably* isn't the most important story of the day, but you know what? Celebrity hair is fun to talk about, and who are we to deprive ourselves joy?

If you've been paying attention to Jackson's style as of late, you probably know that she's been sporting blonde highlights for quite some time.


embrace da curliez 🐙

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But, Jackson showed up to the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday sporting a chocolate brown 'do that's closer to her natural hair color, per Hello Giggles. We have to say, we're kind of digging it.

Here's Paris' new shade:


See, wasn't that fun?!