Paris Jackson is keeping it real about her flaws and totally owning them. How refreshing.

In a new interview with i-D magazine, done entirely through text messages, she talked about her imperfections and being self-confident, explaining: "Unfortunately in the world we live in it's almost impossible to feel comfortable in your skin 24/7."

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She added: "Especially with what the media is constantly feeding us. I still have countless insecurities and fears, like everyone else I know. But we're getting there, slowly but surely. Which is a big reason I want to change this fashion / beauty stigma, so it's not as difficult for people around the world to feel beautiful just the way they are."


Paris further explained that "true beauty, should be measured by the soul, the character, integrity, intentions and mindset of a person, what comes out of their mouth. How they behave. Their heart."

As for her own flaws, she’s got them and explains that she’s "human," after all.

Paris slays with this comment: "I'm not symmetrical, I'm not a size zero, I eat hella burgers and endless amounts of pizza...I have scars and stretch marks and acne and I have cellulite. I'm human. Not a dress-up doll. The idea that we all have to fit one idea of beauty is outrageous and ridiculous because 'perfection' is just an opinion."


While Paris tweeted about the interview, she did note that the intro was something she didn’t approve and that she was disappointed, adding, "but my answers were LIT so I'm sharing it anyway."