Patrick Stewart joined The View on Thursday to talk about becoming the poop emoji, to show off some Star Trek bloopers, and to muse about Donald Trump resistance.

As The View viewed a Patrick Stewart tweet about sleeping in close proximity to Donald Trump (apparently, this is a bad cure for insomnia), Stewart shared his desire to become an American.


"I'm not a citizen, however, maybe it's the only good thing as a result of this election, I am now applying for citizenship. Because I want to be an American, too. All of my friends in Washington said there is one thing you can do: fight, fight, oppose. But I can't do it, because I'm not a citizen."

There's always room in America for a good Sir, as far as ICE isn't concerned. But unfortunately, Sir Patrick Stewart failed to elaborate on what sort of resistance, exactly, he plans to exercise once he becomes a citizen.


Obviously, you can still resist without being a citizen, although just as obvious is the fact that you're more likely to get kicked out of the country. The conversation made me reminisce about another British man, a celebrity who himself was nearly deported for his outspoken protest of the government: John Lennon.

The U.S. vs John Lennon is a great documentary about Richard Nixon's government trying to silence a very popular, very British anti-establishment figure via deportation.

Is Patrick Stewart our era's John Lennon?