This photo was taken in the long ago days when Paula didn't know any better: 2011.

I'm sorry, who has explaining to do here? (via Paula Deen)

After Paula Deen got booted from the Food Network in 2013 for revealing her flagrant use of the n word she recovered pretty quickly. Probably because people love butter more than they love confronting uncomfortable truths. Paula still has a pretty successful career, including cookbooks and frequent TV appearances. She also has a huge social media following which includes a Twitter handle and a professional person who manages her accounts. It's pretty weird that this professional person thought the above photo was a good move in Game of Twitter, but it's even weirder that Paula Deen and her son Bobby dressed up as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz with Bobby in brownface. First of all, this is what Desi Arnaz looked like:

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