Over the weekend, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan questioned Lady Gaga's experience with PTSD and sexual assault. So what did Lady Gaga do? She challenged him to an interview so they could talk about it like adults.

Over the weekend, Morgan referred to PTSD as "the latest celebrity accessory." (Ughhhhh.)

He also tweeted: "Lady Gaga & Madonna have both made ALLEGATIONS of rape many years after the event. No police complaint, no charges, no court case. I don't think all claims of rape should be necessarily accepted as fact without proper criminal investigation, do you?"


When Lady Gaga learned of Morgan's comments, she sent a series of tweets back in his direction, informing him that she would gladly speak to him about her condition and about sexual assault.


Of course, Morgan had another eye-roll inducing response to her tweets.

"OK, you're on. Let's do an interview about this and you can tell me why I'm wrong to be sceptical," he said. "I know numerous soldiers with PTSD, it's a very serious thing. I also know people who claim to have it but clearly don't. Let's talk...”

When a fan tweeted that Lady Gaga should do the interview with a broadcaster instead of a journalist, Morgan replied, "I'm both. This interview would air worldwide. Reckon you can handle me @ladygaga ?"



But Gaga, being the classy lady she is, kept her composure and was about as cordial as you could be to someone implying that they think you're faking your mental illness.

And she made sure he knew that he wasn't the only interviewer that would like to hear her story.


Even though his initial comments were pretty awful, it does seem like he may be willing to listen to what Gaga has to say.

Maybe this interview will actually turn into a calm and civil discussion where everyone actually learns something and humanity takes one step forward in the never-ending quest to understand each other and appreciate our differences.

Either that or it'll be a total garbage fire. Stay tuned!