Pink is a badass. If you disagree, please meet the entire Someecards staff out back (so we can have a dramatic reading of The Truth about Love). And besides singing and embodying a top-three color, over the last few years Pink has become one of the internet's most celebrated mothers.

💫the snuggle is real 📷 :@deborahandersoncreative hair: @pamwiggy hands: willow sage

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It's really the raw honesty that people seem to appreciate about Pink. While very pregnant with her second child, Pink posted a hide-nothing topless photo with the help of her eldest.


More recently, the internet wept tears of admiration at her honest speech about that daughter, her 6-year-old Willow.

And now we know where Pink's trademark courage and to-the-point honesty comes from. It comes from her friends.

Pink just cemented the crown of Greatest Celebrity Mother ™ to her head by sharing a text convo she had with her friend about screaming babies:

I love my friends

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"Why do babies cry so much," asked Pink. "I feel like he's fucking with me at this point."

"Babies are cunts," responded her friend.

"I love my friends," reflected Pink on the exchange, which received over a hundred thousand likes in a day.

And though Pink didn't say it, the sentiment is definitely in her voice.

Pink rocks.