The case had gone cold for as long as 45 minutes, but now things are heating up in the investigation of Ariana Grande licking donuts and saying she hates America.

Grande could face up to a million charges of being confusing. (via TMZ)

As many outlets have reported since yesterday, pop star Ariana Grande was caught on a security camera licking unpurchased donuts and saying out loud that she hates America. First, America (which Grande hates) was baffled. Then, Grande tried to blame the fiasco on fat people who distressed her with their fatness. Now, the police are getting involved.

According to the LA Times, the owner of the California donut shop gave the security footage to detectives and said their food had been tampered with. But then, just when you thought this story had taken as many turns as Americans (who Grande hates) could handle, there was another shocking twist. The police decided not to investigate Grande, but to investigate...the donut shop! It's against health code to leave food out unprotected, and apparently customers ended up buying and eating Ariana Grande's (alleged) saliva donuts.

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