Yes, it was a Bald Eagle. Looks like the lion still fears the bird, eh, old chap?

Charles, Prince of Wales, son of Queen Elizabeth II, one-time husband of Diana Spencer, father to Princes William and Harry, and current spouse of Camilla, The One No One Likes, fulfilled his most important duty as a royal this week by acting out a real-life Downton Abbey episode and attending the 134th Sandringham Flower Show at the Queen's Norfolk estate.

While there, he befriended two small Jack Russell terriers. More importantly, he was confronted and almost tackled by the mighty wings of an actual Bald Eagle. Yes, the eagle is actually the mascot of the 677 Squadron Army Air Corps, but we all know what Bald Eagles really are: living metaphors of 'Murica awesomeness. Anyway, a British humor (humour) site The Poke took to Twitter to ask its fans to turn Prince Charles' eagle-fear into a meme, #PrinceCharlesBeingAttackedByThings. Without much further ado about almost nothing, here are the best entries to come out of #PrinceCharlesBeingAttackedByThings.

Sources: The Poke | The Daily Mail