Rachel Bloom—the co-creator, star, and songwriter of the wonderful musical comedy TV show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend—apparently wasn't always a great writer. Here is a poem she published in her school newspaper in 7th grade:

The prose-poem reads:


By Rachel Bloom, 7th Grade

What is normal?

Everyday we hear it as something that everyone should be.

But should they really?

What is the so called "standard" that we mold and fit ourselves through an invisible corset to be excepted [sic] in society all our lives?

Is it based on looks?



Or is it something else, something in your heart that you're born with, and cannot gain through practice or experience?

If no one is sure what it is, then why are people harshly judged by its qualifications every single tedious day?

I rack and rack my brain to figure out what it is.

Who is normal?

Your neighbors?

Your Freddie Prinze Jr. look-alike crush?

Your dog?

What appears to be normal may in fact be the opposite;

a juicy ripe apple with green worm inside.