Atlanta rapper Terrell Davis, professionally known as Ralo, caught a ton of heat after donating $30K at a homeless shelter because, instead of doing it thoughtfully and discretely, he threw his money at people like he was at a strip club.

Fuck going to the strip club, all the niggas wit money let's go to all the homeless shelters and make it rain on the poor people...#RALOHOMELESSCHALLENGE

Ralo's gesture is undercut by the maniacal laughter coming from behind the camera while people lined up outside an Atlanta homeless shelter scramble to get the cash. This could have become dangerous if anyone decided the money was worth fighting for, and you can hear a woman who works at the shelter say "don't hurt those people."


Comments flooded in claiming this was just a publicity stunt and that Ralo was treating these people like animals.

  • simone.sullivanThis was rude because you watched and enjoyed them fight over the money. Their desperation was enjoyable enough to post on social media.
  • ashley_rrsVery sad. The thought was great. But you truly treated them did respectfully like animals like they get treated daily by others on the street. Very nice but done very distastefully... And why post it?? You got the attention you wanted 👍🏼
  • chevellelaneYou stuntin on the gram for pub Ralo. I'm disgusted watching this. Give it tob them the same way you got it. In your hand.

Nevertheless, Ralo was trying to help his community.

"How the f*** did you get mad at me for making it rain on homeless people?"

"Let's see who is going to give the most to the homeless people."

"No disrespect to the strippers," diamond-covered Ralo says. "But I'm going to spend all my m***er f***ing money throwing it on all the homeless people."

As perverse as it is, this is how he wants to be charitable. As long as no one is getting hurt, is this really worse than just ignoring the homeless problem altogether?