Trust no one on April Fool's Day, even if they are literally laying on the ground bleeding.

On April 1st, Rebel Wilson decided to prank the crew of Pitch Perfect 3 by pretending she cut her leg open after taking a tumble out of her trailer. Haha?

Wilson, who plays "Fat Amy" in the Pitch Perfect movies, even covered her leg with fake blood for the joke. Thinking she was injured, the crew rushed over to help Wilson, only to hear her exclaim "April Fools!" from her position down on the pavement.


Thankfully, the crew took the joke really well and even burst out in applause after Wilson revealed that this whole thing was a ruse. Rebel Wilson is lucky that her colleagues have such a good sense of humor!

Next April Fool's Day, pretend to get seriously hurt at work and see how well that goes over with your coworkers.