Do you suffer daily from a dearth of videos of Taylor Swift playing piano with her cats? Do you lie awake at night thinking "I want some fresh Reese Witherspoon content, and I want it NOW"? Then here's some exciting news (but only for you): the pop star and actress are going to each have their own channel on a new streaming service called DirecTV Now, which launches tomorrow, Variety reports. To quote T-Swift: "Oh my gosh no wayyyyy!!!"


According to Variety, Swift and Witherspoon will each have their own channel streaming their own original content on DirecTV Now, a new streaming service launched by AT&T and DirecTV. The aptly named "Taylor Swift Now channel" will include "videos, concert performances, behind-the-scenes footage, and more from Swift’s archives," Variety reports.

Here's a sneak peak:

On a (only slightly) different note, Witherspoon’s "Hello Sunshine" channel will "focus on female-centric programs, including acquired movies and series, and will serve up an original series featuring Witherspoon."


If you're part of either of these stars' legions of fans, then you should definitely sign up for DirecTV Now. Personally, I fall asleep just thinking about watching Taylor Swift or Reese Witherspoon doing practically anything. But to each their own.

When Britney has her own channel? Then we'll talk.

Sources: Variety