Richard Dreyfuss is a well-known actor, the star of canonical films like Jaws, and not Julia Louise-Dreyfuss' late father (RIP). He also has three kids, including a son named Ben Dreyfuss who is an actor, journalist, and very, very funny on a popular website called

He's also big on overshares. For example, he recently got into a hilariously TMI discussion with his dad on Twitter (a public website) about two subjects people don't usually discuss in public, if at all: 1) Money, and 2) Rehab. And tbh, I applaud them for it.

It all started with this very funny tweet about the movie Jaws, which his dad, Richard Dreyfuss (reminder: NOT Julia Louise-Dreyfus' dad), starred in.

Young Dreyfuss declared Jaws his favorite Spielberg movie because it helped his dad pay for him to go to college.

His dad (still Richard Dreyfuss), however, remembered things a little differently, and he decided to weigh in. This led to what may be the single greatest father-son Twitter thread of all time. Enjoy:

Then Tim got involved. Who's Tim? You'll find out in a second:

Oh, but there's more:

But Ben is not convinced:

Twitter is dying over this thread. Some are calling it the best father-son Twitter exchange of all time.

And perhaps Richard Dreyfuss' greatest work.

And others are saying this thread has restored their faith in Twitter:

Journalist Yair Rosenberg declared this thread the reason Twitter is "still worth it." And others seem to agree, because his tweet went viral:

For some people, when life gets tough, their rich, actor dads can send them to college and rehab. For the rest of us, there's Twitter.