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Richard Dreyfuss and his son win Twitter with hilariously TMI convo about money and rehab.

Richard Dreyfuss and his son win Twitter with hilariously TMI convo about money and rehab.


Richard Dreyfuss is a well-known actor, the star of canonical films like Jaws, and not Julia Louise-Dreyfuss' late father (RIP). He also has three kids, including a son named Ben Dreyfuss who is an actor, journalist, and very, very funny on a popular website called

He's also big on overshares. For example, he recently got into a hilariously TMI discussion with his dad on Twitter (a public website) about two subjects people don't usually discuss in public, if at all: 1) Money, and 2) Rehab. And tbh, I applaud them for it.

It all started with this very funny tweet about the movie Jaws, which his dad, Richard Dreyfuss (reminder: NOT Julia Louise-Dreyfus' dad), starred in.

Young Dreyfuss declared Jaws his favorite Spielberg movie because it helped his dad pay for him to go to college.

His dad (still Richard Dreyfuss), however, remembered things a little differently, and he decided to weigh in. This led to what may be the single greatest father-son Twitter thread of all time. Enjoy:

Then Tim got involved. Who's Tim? You'll find out in a second:

Oh, but there's more:

But Ben is not convinced:

Twitter is dying over this thread. Some are calling it the best father-son Twitter exchange of all time.

And perhaps Richard Dreyfuss' greatest work.

And others are saying this thread has restored their faith in Twitter:

Journalist Yair Rosenberg declared this thread the reason Twitter is "still worth it." And others seem to agree, because his tweet went viral:

For some people, when life gets tough, their rich, actor dads can send them to college and rehab. For the rest of us, there's Twitter.

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