Two weeks ago, over a million fools helped a fake Facebook post supposedly written by Richard Gere go viral. The message—from an unverified account...look for the blue check, people!—said that Gere was so humbled when he went unrecognized while posing undercover as a homeless person that he gave $100 to a bunch of actual homeless people. None of that happened, but he did play a homeless person in an upcoming film, Time Out Of Mind.

Now, Gere has followed up on the viral hoax through a baffling social media message that also conveniently markets the film. Time Out of Mind's director, Oren Moverman, shared a post on his own (verified) Facebook account that begins with the statement "Hi, Richard Gere here." Yes, Gere's clarification post is confusingly written in first person from a different person's Facebook account. Or the director of Time Out Of Mind is catfishing us, which would be hilarious.

Sources: Facebook: Oren Moverman