There are few women who draw as much fanfare as Beyonce and Rihanna. Both women have built up musical brands that span far outside the limits of touring and have expanded into the worlds of cosmetics, fashion, and philanthropy. So, given their clout, it's unsurprising that Twitter exploded when Beyonce and Rihanna reunited at Diamond Ball on Thursday night.

When the two took a selfie at Rihanna's third annual Diamond Ball fundraiser, Twitter was ecstatic with love.

The fundraiser raises proceeds for the Clara Lionel Foundation in Los Angeles, which gives resources to underprivileged communities for art, health and education. The foundation itself was named after Rihanna's grandparents Clara and Lionel Braithwaite.


There were GIFs and shouts.

The pair received a standing ovation.


While some marveled at their dresses.

Twitter is still waiting on a collaboration from Bey and Riri.

This isn't the first, and likely won't be the last time the women take a selfie at Diamond Ball.


People had to catch their breath.

Before setting in to absorb the energy of both women.


It's safe to say that fans had a lot of feelings.

People were feeling the feminine power.

Hopefully this selfie is indicative of a growing professional friendship. Because we're still over here waiting on a collaboration.


*cues Jeopardy theme music*

Over $5 million dollars was raised at the 2017 Diamond Ball, which is a huge growth from the $3 million raised in 2016.

To be fair, all of those numbers are huge. Does that much money even exist?!

"Together, we are funding groundbreaking and effective global education, health and emergency response programs. We are investing in the future and helping to improve the quality of life for young people and their families around the globe," Rihanna told event attendees, as reported by Just Jared.


Cheers to all of that -- the fundraising and the burgeoning friendship between Beyonce and Rihanna.