Rihanna sat courtside at the NBA Finals and the entire game revolved around her.

Rihanna sat courtside at the NBA Finals and the entire game revolved around her.

In the midst of an NBA Finals opener featuring two of the most impressive super teams of the past decade, a new basketball star emerged: Rihanna. The real MVP had her biggest moment after Golden State Warriors' star, Kevin Durant, seemed to respond to her courtside trash talk with two made shots and two cold stare-downs.

Rihanna's a well-documented Lebron James fan. Exhibit A: Rihanna wearing Lebron's jersey number in sun screen.


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Exhibit B: Rihanna applauding Lebron and responded to the other team's fans with a perfectly shady dab.

So seeing as Kevin Durant stands between her favorite player and another NBA championship, it's natural that she reportedly tried to distract Durant from making a free throw by shouting "BRICK!" as he shot his shot.

And again after a three-pointer.


As you can see in those videos, Rihanna's scorn didn't seem to bother Durant. Maybe he just liked getting attention from his crush.


But the highly-anticipated game had been about Rihanna since the first quarter. One of the announcers, Jeff Van Gundy, ignored a highlight dunk from King James himself to shout out Rihanna.

"I don't know about this, but Rihanna just walked in front of me! Are you kidding me?"

The other announcers were amused. "Stay with the game!" said commentator Mike Breen. "Lebron makes a spectacular play like this and that's what you deal with?" added Mark Jackson.


Yup. That's definitely what he deals with.

The game ended in a blow-out victory for Rihanna's nemesis, Kevin Durant, and a disappointing first game loss for her favorite, Lebron James. Obviously, Rihanna was the VIP leaving the arena, escorted out right behind the league's commissioner.

And the post-game was still all about her.


At the post-game press conference, a reporter asked Durant about his interactions with Rihanna—and it stayed awkward.

"Kevin, toward the end of the game, you shot a three kinda putting the dagger into them and you looked toward the crowd toward, uh, Rihanna?" asked Robert Littal of Black Sports Online.

At this point, Kevin Durant shared a shady look with teammate Steph Curry.

"Was that, uh, on purpose?" continued the reporter.

"I don't even remember that," lied Durant.

"Don't get in that trap," advised Curry.


Ah, the NBA—where Drake and Rihanna rule supreme. Here's to game four, when she suits up in a Cavs jersey to try to prevent a series sweep.