There are classic Hollywood feuds — Bette and Joan, Katy and Taylor, Kim and Taylor, Nicki and Taylor — and then there's Seth Rogen vs. Rob Schneider.

Over the weekend, Rogen realized that his fellow comedian was blocking him on Twitter. Instead of shooting him a text, or asking a mutual friend, Rogen chose the 2017 way of confronting an issue and shouted the whole thing out on Twitter. "What the fuck?!" he captioned a photo of Schneider's timeline, which he apparently isn't lucky enough to be able to read.


Rogen went in hard on the part of the Twitter feed he could see — a photo of Schneider sitting with his family.

Then it turned out the whole thing was just a ploy to meet James Franco...

... which Rogen apparently obliged. (We now also block Seth Rogen until we get to meet James Franco.) Is this the real reason for the block? The world will never know.


But the silver lining is that Rogen now has access to gems like this tweet.


Sources: Vulture