Robert Downey, Jr., seen here pointing at someone who will never forget it happened.

If you ever needed a good reason to get off drugs, consider the superhuman cool Robert Downey, Jr. has achieved since laying off the everythings. As we all know, Bobby DJ's biggest claim to international fame at this point is Iron Man, a movie with a plot based on a venerable series of comic books, featuring a genius, world-famous, billionaire playboy inventor tycoon with massive sex appeal (yet substance-troubled) for a main character, whose personality is at least partially based on the actor who plays him. So, it's no surprise that Robert Downey, Jr., stepping off an airplane in South Korea, was greeted to a pandemonium that could only have been more intense if he had announced that he was, himself, actually Iron Man, and flew off in a tech suit. 

Sources: T Downey