What is better than one Ryan Gosling? Two Ryan Goslings.

No, The Notebook star has not been cloned (yet), but the internet did happen to uncover the Instagram account of a man who is a dead-ringer for La La Land star. Don't believe us? See for yourselves.

Meet Johannes Laschet, a German fashion blogger and Ryan Gosling lookalike.


Not only does Laschet look like Gosling, but his dapper wardrobe is definitely something we can picture The Notebook star wearing.

Hey girl, he might not be Ryan Gosling but honestly...close enough.

Doesn't this give you major The Notebook vibes?

This look is very Crazy, Stupid, Love.


This outfit gives us La La Land feelings.

We now understand the true meaning of #blessed.

You can follow Johannes Laschet on Instagram here.