Booyakasha! Sacha Baron Cohen participated in a Reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything," for the n00bs) on Wednesday, and it was an exciting, rare moment in which Baron Cohen actually answered questions as himself. As he explains in the AMA, Baron Cohen usually does press in character so it doesn't get boring, but this time, he offered long answers that revealed a lot about his creative process.

1. u/lux514 asked, "Do you regret doing anything at all that you've ever done?"

yes. There was something that I regret not doing, which was, I was on this Australian late night talk show, and the talent booker had made a massive mistake. He booked the Australian Prime Minister on the same talk show. I was doing Bruno, and I had a strip tease routine fully planned, including tearaway pants and this g-string. And my intention was to lap dance the Prime Minister of Australia, and stick my crotch in his face. It would have been an international incident, and probably would have got me barred from Australia. But, unfortunately, I wimped out of doing it, and eventually was also barred by his own security.

Sources: Reddit