If you've been keeping up with the latest celeb baby news, you probably already know that tennis star Serena Williams is expecting her first baby. But just because she has super-human tennis abilities doesn't mean she doesn't have the same questions and concerns about pregnancy and childbirth that any first-time mom would have.

And where does one go to find answers to their burning questions in this digital age we live in? The internet, of course!

Serena has asked the internet for baby advice before with a lot of success, and with her due date slowly creeping up (she just had her baby shower last week), so to make sure she's prepared for when the big day comes, she consulted Reddit to figure out how soon she should be packing her bag for the hospital.


"When did you pack your hospital bag?" Serena wrote in her post to Reddit on Friday. "1 month before? 6 weeks? 8 weeks? I'm totally stalling. But I have a lot of time still... I think... Anything you didn't expect to need that I'll really appreciate having in there?"

And actually, the good people of Reddit had some very helpful responses.

People had a lot of recommendations for things to bring.


"Chapstick. My lips were hella chapped," one user wrote. "And nursing tanks and bras if you plan to breastfeed."

"A towel!!" suggested another. "I read all the posts about what to pack and thought some of it seemed silly. Having gone through it? Besides the obvious (phone charger, hair ties) I like having my own water bottle (klean kanteen). I wish I had brought my own towel!"


"Some of your favorite snacks," said user rational_me1. "You'll need it."

And varying responses on when to start packing.

One user suggested to be ready 30 days out from your due date.

Another thought the 30 week mark was a good time to get things ready to go.


One person suggested two weeks before the due date.

And this user thought it was fine to wait to pack until you went into labor.

But overall, people were just glad to help the mom-to-be. Good luck, Serena!

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