Back in September, Jimmy Fallon defended himself over his infamous, hair-tousling interview with Donald Trump, and the inevitable backlash he got for making the budding TV-critic seem more approachable.

Quite the opposite, Seth Meyers isn't defending his role in Trump's election. He wants credit, as he told Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday. Start at the 4:30 mark for politics, start from the beginning for cute pics of baby Meyers.

"He's not a guy who loves a good zinger at his expense," said Seth Meyers, referring to his turn roasting Trump at the 2011 White House Correspondent's Dinner.


"I am the reason he won. I made fun of him in 2011 that's the night he decided to run."

Meyers isn't the only one to make this argument. Our own Johnny McNulty made the same case back in September.

"I kicked the hornet's nest, you rubbed the hornet's head," said Meyers. "Both bad... Look, it's not the outcome I wanted, but it's history. I got a man elected president. I want my points."