Filming a steamy scene with someone you're in a relationship with seems like it would be an intensely uncomfortable, possibly mortifying experience. Which is why when celebrities do it, people want to know all the details. It's the price of fame and filming a sex scene with your hot spouse who also has fame. Here are nine juicy quotes about what it was like to film a sex scene with a significant other.

1. Angelina Jolie on directing husband Brad Pitt while simultaneously co-starring in a sex scene with him for By the Sea:

As a director I had to be very sure, very strong in opinion, stable. My character? She shouldn’t direct anything. Not even traffic. She’s a mess. The duality — being a director, then having to become a person that vulnerable — would often be hard. There’s a whole reel of me calling “Cut!” If a doctor saw it, I’d be put on medication. I’m hysterically crying and then calling “Cut!” or during a sex scene I am calling “Cut!” on Brad. You had to laugh at how bizarre it was.