It’s amazing when an artist goes the extra mile for his or her fans, and in the case of singer Shawn Mendes, he totally sticks up for his fanbase.

Earlier this week, one of his fans shared a video of Shawn pushing back at someone he thought to be a scalper. In the video, Shawn refuses to sign an autograph and he makes his reasoning very clear.

Shawn says: "I love my fans and I do everything for them. People like you, you sell the signatures."


The man told him he has a sister named Jennifer, but the singer isn’t buying it. He takes it one step further, asking the man for proof because he’s pretty sure the guy is lying.

Shawn then asks: "Can you call your sister then for me? If you have a younger sister who wants an autograph and you call her and I can speak to her, I will sign the thing for you. I will right now, but you're f***ing lying."

The singer further defends himself, saying, "I would rather have this conversation to prove to you — you're standing here telling me I'm going to have a bad career and that I'm a d**k. You know nothing about me. So how do you think you have the right to say anything about me? Call your sister. It's so easy! If I call my sister in two seconds, she would pick up the phone so why can't you? If you have a younger sister, I mean it: I'll sign all day for her."


On the video the fan posted to Twitter, she wrote: "him standing up for himself is the best thing I've seen in so long, he don't want to be used."

Fans were impressed with the way Shawn handled the situation, with comments on Twitter that included: