About a month ago, Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men posted (and later took down) a video on social media publicly apologizing to his wife of 15 years for cheating on her.

Now a woman who claims to have had "a full-blown relationship" with the Boyz II Men sing while he was married has come forward to say she's disappointed with his "half-assed" apology. The anonymous woman sent a tip to (which, to be fair, has a disclaimer saying that their tips are user submitted and can't be verified). In the letter, the woman detailed her alleged affair with Stockman.


She stressed that it was not a one-time ordeal.

I was in a COMMITTED relationship with him for quite some time. This wasn’t some accidental slip up & ‘oops I cheated & regretted it.’ It was all very calculated & planned out, on his part. What so many don’t know about him, including his wife, is that he seeks women out.

The woman went on to say that Stockman convinced her that he believed the affair was part of a "higher plan" and was God's will. She said that she loved and protected him until it started becoming clear that he didn't really believe what he was telling her.


The woman claims that her relationship with Shawn Stockman had nothing to do with financial or material arrangements.

This wasn’t a relationship based on anything material, contrary to what so many assume. There was no being financially taken care of. There was FRIENDSHIP. Trust. Loyalty. Intimacy, on many levels. There was daily communication, seeing eachother regularly, & real LOVE(so I thought) involved.

The alleged mistress went on to say that Shawn Stockman "ruins lives. Breaks spirits, then plays the victim."

And she apologized to Stockman's wife, Sharhonda, and their two kids for her role in the affair.

I will forever be sorry to Sharhonda & her children for the part that I played. I loved him too, & I know why she does. I truly hope that he can be the husband that she deserves moving forward. Whether he can be open about his other relationships with her, or just stop doing it all together.


And that's only PART of the letter. Yikes. You can read her story about the affair in full over at theJasmineBRAND.