Shia LaBeouf has certainly tried his hardest to make himself strange and at times dislikable, but his extended public foray into performance art-level weirdness has finally broken through, thanks to a marathon of his films that he invited the public to watch in person and via livestream. But the livestream didn't show his films—they showed his reaction to watching them. Like a quantum particle, Shia is obviously affected by the audience observing him, but it's hard not to enjoy the authentic mixture of embarrassment and joyful nostalgia that grips LaBeouf as he watches his child star self in the Disney Family movie version of Even Stevens, the show that made him famous. Not many people were in major motion pictures as children, but almost everyone was in a home movie, and this is pretty much how most people would react if they had to re-watch an embarrassing but fondly-remembered moment with a room full of strangers:

Sources: h/t redditor theoddprojects | Tyler Wilson