Peace-loving stoner that he is, it's shocking that Snoop Dogg could ever stir up drama. But yesterday at comedian Ricky Harris' funeral, his mere presence incited a brawl, TMZ reports.

The Snoop hater is allegedly a cousin of Ricky Harris, according to multiple sources who were inside the Long Beach, Calif. church when the fight went down. Perhaps Ricky's cousin has beef with Snoop, perhaps he is anti-marijuana, or perhaps he's just mad he didn't get a show with Martha Stewart. Whatever the case, something caused this guy to call Snoop a "b*tch ass n*****," which is rude and a bad idea, to say the least. Cuz even if Snoop isn't a fighter, you know he's got some people who will throw down on his behalf.


According to TMZ, two of Snoop's crew members, including hip hop artist Daz Dillinger, took down Ricky's cousin on Snoop's behalf. (Reminder: this all happened AT A FUNERAL.) You can watch the madness unfold in this video:

Eventually, Snoop's bodyguard dragged Ricky's cousin out of the church. Meanwhile, Ricky Harris is just chillin', dead as a doornail in his casket. Snoop had his own review of the day, which he posted on Instagram. "Beautiful service today," he opens, looking dapper in his bowtie, before he goes on to add, "oh yeah, the devil is a-motherfucking-live." Which I am going to assume is a reference to the man who attempted to beat him up at a funeral for a person they both love and miss, which is a devilish thing to do.


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I can't wait to be dead, when there is finally no more drama. Do not bring your drama to my funeral.

Sources: TMZ