Great, now I'm imagining a mashup of their legs. Gross. (via Buffalo Bill Gates)

Celebrity face mashups. Where would the Internet be without them? Nowhere, that's where. Along with stupid pet videos and images of actresses without teeth, it's part of what makes the Internet the Internet. Who would have thought that in the way-out year of 2014, there'd still be something new to bring to the table? The creator of the blog, "Buffalo Bill Gates" (i.e. illustrator and designer Kalle Mattsson), that's who. This Swede has cut and pasted his way into Internet history with these images which will sear themselves into your brain and forever ruin the images that celebrity culture has worked so hard to get you to memorize.


He could troubleshoot a Windows problem from 500 yards. (via Buffalo Bill Gates)

Gentlemen prefer Beans. (via Buffalo Bill Gates)

Now he can go by "Sir The Duke." (via Buffalo Bill Gates)

Help me, future scholars who can't be punished by the Vatican, you're my only hope.
(via Buffalo Bill Gates)


In an alternate universe where Chris Brown "mysteriously disappeared" a few years ago. (via Buffalo Bill Gates)

Coming up next on TNT, "Hyannis Port Cop." (via Buffalo Bill Gates)

As an American, I will pretend that we also read Tin Tin as kids, because we like mocking Putin. (via Buffalo Bill Gates)


All I see is The Cowardly Lion. (via Buffalo Bill Gates)

YOU get shot in the nuts! YOU get shot in the nuts! YOU.... (via Buffalo Bill Gates)

Check out Buffalo Bill Gates on Tumblr for more, or go to Kalle Mattsson's professional website if this made you want to hire him.

(by Johnny McNulty)