Stanley Kubrick's daughter Vivian Kubrick is calling on the masses to boycott Dr. Phil's special with Shelley Duvall that is set to air Friday.

In a Tweet directed at Dr. Phil McGraw, The Shining director's daughter wrote "Your exploitive use of Shelly Duvall is a form of LURID ENTERTAINMENT and is shameful" before encouraging viewers to skip tomorrow's episode.

In another tweet, Vivian argues that given Shelley's current state of mind, she couldn't truly consent to the interview in the first place.


In a disturbing promo for the episode, an unrecognizable Shelley Duvall spoke to Dr. Phil about believing that her Popeye costar Robin Williams is a shape-shifter and that the Sheriff of Nottingham is threatening her before confessing, "I'm very sick. I need help."

Duvall's most famous role was playing the often hysterical Wendy Torrance in the 1980 film The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Kubrick was widely known to be abusive toward Duvall while filming The Shining, even causing the actress so much turmoil that she began pulling out clumps of her own hair. According to Movie Pilot, Kubrick forbade the cast and crew of the film to interact with Duvall at all over the year-long shooting of the movie. Reports say she would cry over 12 hours every single day. The abuse of Duvall is heavily discussed in the documentary Making 'The Shining,' directed by Vivian Kubrick herself.


Although many were quick to remind Vivian of her father's abusive past, it is important to remember that Vivian is not responsible for the actions of her father, nor does she condone them. She is now trying to salvage what is left of the former star through stopping further abuse at the hands of men who exploit her.