StarWipe is "Watching The Stars, So You Don't Have To."

We're pretty darn excited for StarWipe, a new site from The Onion media empire launching on Monday (9/21) that will be devoted to mocking celebrity gossip outlets like TMZ and E!, sites like Perez Hilton, and the tabloid rags. StarWipe will bring an Onion sensibility to the world of celebrity news, media and culture, but unlike The Onion and their blog-parody ClickHole, the new StarWipe will also report on real tabloid news as it happens. This makes sense, given that its editor-in-chief, Sean O'Neal, is a long-time senior editor at The Onion's sister publication, The A.V. Club, the thinking hipster's entertainment outlet. They've already started leaking content on Twitter and Facebook, so you can preview what's to come:

Sources: StarWipe