Back in 2015, Steve Harvey made one of the most epic mistakes in live television history when he accidently crowned Miss Colombia Miss Universe over the actual winner, Miss Philippines.

Need a reminder?

On Monday, Steve told Jimmy Fallon exactly how he managed to botch the crowning so badly, but don't worry, it wasn't his fault at all!

Suuuuure, Steve.


That was an interesting way to depict a Spanish-speaking family. Anyway...

Despite the mess Harvey created while hosting the 2015 pageant, he will be back to host Miss Universe again this year. It's unfortunate that the beauty contest, that was recently sold by President-elect Donald Trump, couldn't find a different host. Like the pageant's previous owner, Harvey has a long record of being shitty to women, no matter how charming he comes off while hosting Family Feud.


Good luck chalking all that up to "simple human error."