11 celebrities who were betrayed by the sun.

11 celebrities who were betrayed by the sun.

Judging by their social media, celebrities spend most of their summer days partying poolside. Life looks posh and perfect for the most part, but even the rich and famous can't help but fall victim to nature's #1 frienemy, the sun. No matter how many Instagram followers you have, you can avoid a tan tragedy this summer by applying a high SPF or simply never leaving your couch. Whatever you do, don't end up like these 11 celebs who got burned. Literally.

11 celebrities who were betrayed by the sun.
The sun can't hurt you if you never see it.

1. Trying to figure out the outfit Lena Dunham was wearing that covered her neck, torso, armpits, and face while she got this sunburn.

2. If only Miley Cyrus' SPF was as high as she usually is.

3. Ashley Benson's sunburn made her shed her skin like a snake. Wonder how many creeps would try to buy that on eBay?

Yes guys. That's my skin. #sunburn

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4. At least Kelly Osbourne knows it's dumb to skip the sunscreen.


5. Adam Devine seems like the kind of dude who'd permanently have this bro-burn.

6. Juliette Lewis' tan lines kinda look like the bat signal. SEND ALOE!

Wow look at this jackass move.. #Texas #Sunwhipped.

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7. Sam Smith probably got this sunburn just to show off how skinny he got.

8. Can't tell if Justin Bieber's sunburn hurts or not because he's always making that pouty face.

1day vacay

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9. Love that Britney Spears admits her spray tan is orange. Maybe next time don't use Cheetos dust, Brit.

Got a spray tan...look a little like an Oompa Loompa 😜

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10. Forget the tan lines. The craziest thing about this pic is seeing Kim Kardashian wearing a shirt.

11. Not sure if it's the work of a spray tan, tanning bed, or what, but some form of sun-worship gone wrong did this to Donald Trump's face.

All new @apprenticenbc starts right now!

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11 celebrities who were betrayed by the sun.
Orange-ya glad you don't leave your house?