Blake Lively sent Taylor Swift a pie. And right on the tails of the Great Khloé Kardashian Pie Lie & Clapback of 2015, too! Did everyone in Hollywood just find out what a pie is? Pie should really utilize its moment in the zeitgeist to get on Dancing With the Stars or something.

Sunday was Taylor Swift's bday, and she probably partied like it was the music video for "22." In honor of the occasion, her friend Blake Lively (with whom she sometimes visits kangaroos) sent her a pie. The pie was decorated with statuettes (perhaps edible?) of Swift's Instagram-famous cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. It looks like a pumpkin pie, the same flavor that Khloé lied about (allegedly and probably justifiably). And the pie says "Happy Thanksgiving Birthday," which is probably some kind of inside joke that ties this whole thing together.

Sources: Taylor Swift