Taylor Swift had a pretty dope weekend. Look at all the awards she won. Holy cow.

Armfuls of talent. (via Twitter)

Last night at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Taylor Swift won 8 awards, for a career total of 20 Billboard awards. She broke Garth Brooks's record of 19 wins, so now she's the top artist for the publication who tracks top artists. Wins on wins on wins.

Taylor Swift is sort of crushing it lately. Her bitchin' new video blurred the lines between music and cinema, she's got a new boyfriend, plus she's just a really good person.

Here are all the awards Swift won last night: Top Artist, Chart Achievement Award (Fan Voted), Top Female Artist, Top Album (1989), Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Hot 100 Artist, Top Digital Songs Artist, Top Streaming Video (Shake It Off).

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