Rumors have been circulating that Taylor Swift and Drake may be somewhat of an item, but now there's a new theory as to why Tay and Drake have been spending so much time together lately: Taylor wants to try hip hop.

According to The Sun, rumor has it that Drake has been helping Taylor explore "a new urban sound" for her music. A source told them:

“Drake has been her friend for a while and it seemed a no-brainer that she would spend time in the studio with him. As well as writing with Taylor, he’s producing a few tracks and even lent his vocals to one song. It’s a real mix of edgier hip-hop and R&B sounds."


Is this true? Who knows. But hey, Taylor has already dominated the country and pop scene. Maybe hip hop and R&B are next on her quest to total world domination. Is she coming for Beyoncé?!?!

Meanwhile, sources continue to insist that Drake and Tay are just good friends. I still kind of hope they're dating, though.